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Women Transforming Our Nuclear Legacy Session Two:

"Why Nuclear Weapons Matter More Now Than Ever"

How Nukes are Connected to Everything We Care About &

Strategies for Sharing, Mobilizing and Building the Movement

United Nations Day

75th Anniversary of the UN Founding Charter 

October 24, 2020

10:00 AM - 12:00 PM PST 

Mentor Presenters:

  • Hawaiian Cultural Practitioner Kumu Hula Puna Dawson will offer a blessing for peace

  • Ray Acheson, Director, Reaching Critical Will

  • Molly Hurley, Nuclear Fellow, Prospect Hill Foundation and Fellowship Associate, Beyond the Bomb

  • Colleen Moore, Digital Engagement Manager, Global Zero and Beyond the Bomb

  • Beata Tsosie-Peña, Environmental Health and Justice Program Coordinator, Tewa Women United

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