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Cynthia Lazaroff is the Senior Creative Producer for US-Russia Relations: The Quest for Stability, a seven-part multimedia documentary released in 2019, produced with philanthropic support from the Carnegie Corporation of New York. This web-based documentary is a deep dive into US-Russia relations — the history, geopolitics, military, cyber and escalating nuclear risk, economics, the myths and issues of national identity and vision of the world, what divides and what unites us.  Cynthia conducted over sixty interviews in the US and Russia for the documentary, with current and former officials, experts, thought leaders, comedians and people on the street.

Cynthia is the Executive Producer of Mourning Armageddon, a music video by Hawaii artist and activist Makana, filmed in Bunker 703, a recently declassified, once top-secret nuclear bomb shelter disguised as a chocolate factory deep underground in Moscow.  The video was released for the first anniversary of the Hawaii nuclear missile scare, January 13, 2019.   

Cynthia previously served as Director of Creative Affairs at Armand Hammer Productions where she supervised the development of feature film and television projects including Mother Russia, an eight-hour mini-series for HBO and The Cuban Missile Crisis, a four hour mini-series for NBC.  She co-wrote the story for The Last Russian Tsar, an NBC Special narrated by Jeremy Irons.  She also co-wrote the story and served as Executive Consultant on the award-winning mini-series Hiroshima, broadcast by Showtime on the 50th anniversary of the dropping of the bomb. 

Cynthia’s producing credits include: Inside the KGB, a prime-time special for NBC, As It Happens, a six hour live satellite broadcast from the US for London’s Channel Four and Styles in Soviet Education, an inside look at schools in the former USSR. She also co-produced the documentary, The Challenge of the Caucasus, featuring the first joint ascent of Mount Elbrus, Europe's highest peak (18,481 feet), by Soviet and American youth whom she co-led to the summit.  Narrated by Leonard Nimoy, the film was broadcast on TBS and PBS and was also released internationally. The film premiered on the eve of the first Reagan-Gorbachev Summit and won a First Prize at the American Film Festival and a CINE Gold Eagle award. An adviser and consultant on numerous other Russian film and television projects, Cynthia has extensive experience in negotiations and film production in Russia and the former Soviet Union.


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