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Cynthia is Co-Founder of the Kaua’i Circle of Sustainability Initiative and Director of Biosphere Stewardship & Education at Coherence Lab based on the island of Kaua’i.  Cynthia has loved the sea all her life and became deeply concerned about the global coral reef crisis and the impact of climate change on this marine ecosystem. Her passion for coral reefs, the endangered “rainforests of the sea,” led her to join the team at the Planetary Coral Reef Foundation and Biosphere Foundation where she served as a Board Member and Executive Vice President for fifteen years.  In this capacity, Cynthia directed an international campaign to preserve coral reefs, created biosphere stewardship educational programs for students from around the world and developed a Coral Reef Satellite Mission with an international team of scientists and engineers at MIT, Scripps Institution of Oceanography and other institutions.


In 2014, Cynthia began developing First Light, a five-acre off-the-grid solar-powered organic farm with her partner Bruce Allyn on the East shore of Kaua’i where they live with their family.